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content communication

Every video, every photo, every text should have an impact. Already in the conception phase, we attach great importance to who, when and where content is shown. As an agency for content and communication, we know the channels and take care of what matters:
The right content with the right distribution.

strategy and creation

We understand communication tasks and audiences. We identify and check relevant channels. For this purpose, we create a suitable concept. In this way, we develop successful storytelling and the right visualization - even for topics with difficult subjects.

content production

An example: Video production involves a good script, efficient organization and close coordination between all the cooperation partners involved. We realize all formats (from editorial contributions to image films) for effective communication. Anywhere in the world. Up to date and live.

distribution and analysis

We have over 1 million editorial contacts worldwide (TV, online, radio, print). With our tool ``Sonalytix`` we monitor the internet in real time with artificial intelligence - including automatic logo recognition. This allows us or you to control campaigns and monitor competitors.

Why is video communication successful?

Quite simply: Because everybody loves it. And everybody expects it.

Videos are easy to understand and concrete.

Video combines emotion and information.

Video create awareness.

Seeing is the strongest of the five senses.

Videos perform cross-linguistic.

Videos are great sellers.

our projects

selection of references

the agency

infokontor was founded in Cologne in 2000 by former TV journalist Wilfried Große-Berg. Since then, we have been developing, producing, distributing and monitoring high-reach content. This applies to all relevant channels – whether TV, radio or online.

infokontor – this is highly experienced journalists, filmmakers, digital media designers, producers and data scientists. We make use of worldwide contacts to all relevant media channels and editorial departments. Alongside the core team we have a broad network of creative service providers available: such as freelance camera teams, authors, editors and influencers. Like this we can produce globally, fast and professionally.

Wilfried Grosse-Berg, managing director

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